Lobster Tails


West Coast’s Spiny Lobster Tails are the most sought-after lobster tails. These lobsters are all wild caught from Baja California to Point Conception, CA.


They are great boiled, steamed or grilled. Cook-up your favorite recipe and enjoy these sweeter lobster tail! Our Lobster Tails are a perfect complement to your gourmet steak order and perfect for summer grilling with friends, or a gourmet dinner for that special someone.

• Each tail approx 16-20 oz


**Items are individually vacuum sealed, flash frozen, packed in a foam-insulated box with Gel Packs for shipping.


10 lb, 5 lb


  1. Jacob Steven’s

    The best tails in the GAME. These are so fresh, juicy and just all around tasty as ever. Straight to flavor town!! shipped right to your door!!

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